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Born in the mountains of Harar-Hirna, in 1940, our owner's soul and future was engraved into coffee. Moplaco was born in 1971, in Dire Dawa & Harar, the centre of export of Harar coffee. Slowly growth came, and the company expanded into Addis, exporting thus coffee from all over the country, to all over the world. Since the last 15 years, the company focused on the export of high quality beans, and furthered its expansion into farming of coffee and also processing coffee so as to control the quality from the beginning to the end and to be as close to the production as possible.

" Good coffee is not an accident. It is the result of hard work, innovation starting from the farm, all the way to the final cup. "

Heleanna Georgalis





Sheka came to our life unexpectedly and after a lot of search. A sanctuary of birds, animals and trees, this place is ideal for coffee, and also eco tourism. In this land, we grow, process and prepare our very own coffee as well as coffee from the neighouring farmers.


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