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Preparing coffee for the discerning consumer


He was destined to become the third generation in his family involved in coffee. He started with printing and weighing bags from the age of 12. Yanni Georgalis formed Moplaco in 1972 in Dire Dawa, exporting predominantly Harar Coffee around the world. Harar Coffee, is and will remain, Moplaco's Star Brand as we believe firmly that Harar Coffee is indisputably a coffee worth sharing and knowing. Yannis Georgalis has left the most important legacy behind him: His love for coffee and his love for Ethiopia.


Having lived abroad most of her life, Heleanna fell into coffee in 2008 through the force majeure of destiny. She has been riding the third wave of coffee through rough seas but has finally dived into the clear blue waters. Moplaco expanded both down and up the chain of coffee and now controls processing, and with it, experimentation; farming and with it, hardship; exporting with all its drama; and finally roasting, and with it fun.


We are asked often on why our logo resembles the one of Mercedez Benz so we thought it is a nice story to share. A story with weight and significance for us and the company.

In fact Moplaco's Logo, stems from the Imperial symbol of Haile Selassie, Ethiopia's last Emperor. This symbol in turn symbolizes the Power of the Trinity, just like what his name meant: Haile: Power, Selassie: Trinity. It was a symbol rooted in tradition, as well as spirituality.

"Moplaco" stands for Mocca plantation Company, as Harrar coffee is known for the distinguished Mocca flavour, and at that time the company owed 1000 ha of land in the heart of Harrar.

Blue, in memory of our Greek roots, in fact the original logo of Mercedez Bens was originally blue also till 1934.

About Us


In Addis Abeba, Moplaco operates in a facility of more than 4,000 square meters, two separate stores, each process either washed coffee or sundried coffee. Modern machines, two electronic sorters, and an obsession, allow the company to process up to twenty metric tons a day. All finishing touches are done by women carefully handpicking the coffee, to ensure optimum quality.
Phone: +251-116455999 / +251-116456008 / Fax: +251-116456012 / Bole K/Ketema, K:14, House Number: NEW


This is the Original House of Moplaco, its birth place, founded in 1972. Old, historic, this is the heart of our company. Harar and West Arusi coffee are only processed in those premises.
Phone: +251-25113453 / +251-25113971


Bought back in 2005, this station was meant to be the showcase of Specialty Sundried Coffee, and the starting point of a revolution. After having won the Taste of Harvest for two years in a row, this became the foundation of the Natural Specialty revolution. Sundried coffee is prepared there, hulled and directly exported. Micro-experiments are also taking place in a specially allocated place.


Processing Station and Hulling Mill in the town of Chelelectu. Far from the road and near the river Gelan that flows from the mountains of Sidamo, Chelelectu gives us the chance to buy and process Kochere coffee. A refuge from all our worries and the city noise, this is a place where we process specialty Sundried Kochere, and also have a place for Pulped Natural as well as Honey coffee.


This Washing station was purchased in 2017, preparing for a new era in the story of Moplaco. Bensa is in the highlands of Sidamo, giving rise to a coffee that tastes of bergamot and spice. Our place is at 2100 meters, facing Kokose, and watered by Logita River. One hectare of land that belongs to us, will allow us to cultivate a Special Sidamo Selection.


GM of Addis and Dire Dawa

GM of Addis and Dire Dawa

Heleanna, fell into coffee in 2008! In coffee love ever since...

AA: GM Assistant

AA: GM Assistant

Hannah: Q Grader, a tough negotiator, born in Hirna, in the midst of Harar, she has Coffee in her blood. Hannah has been with Moplaco for over 10 years.

AA: Ops & Logistic Manager

AA: Ops and Logistic Manager

Yonas: The smooth operator. Correctly so he is the Operational Manager of Moplaco, and a true problem solver. Any tough assignment, and here we have many, is given to him. Been with Moplaco for over 15 years.

AA: Guardian of Our Stores

AA:Guardian of Our Stores

The guardian of our stores and responsible for all men that come and go, Mohammed has been with Moplaco for more than 45 years.

AA: Guardian of Our Coffee

AA:Guardian of Our Coffee

Our store responsible, Aberash controls all arrivals and all departures. She is a permanent member of this company as old as the walls practically.

DD: Jack of all trades

DD: Jack of all trades

Tsegaye: Hyperactive, Driver with fluent Oromifa skills, mechanic, Guard, he is a complete asset for Moplaco.

DD: Branch Manager

DD: Branch Manager

Manager of Dire Dawa Branch, and Commercial Banker by definition. Admasu handles all issues with documentation during the opening of an L/C, and handles our staff kindly and responsibly. Otherwise known as the Mayor of Dire Dawa as he knows practically everyone.

DD: Store Keeper

DD: Store Keeper

Hirout is young on our team but very active and good at what she does, keeping order and high spirits.

DD:  Q Grader, & quality controller

DD: Q Grader, and quality controller

Mignot: Born in our hands, she is a very good cupper and a tough cookie.

AA: Jack of All Trades

AA: Jack of All Trades

Workiye: The WOMAN in Coffee by all definition, Workiye is a tireless young spirit, handling documentation for export, quality control and now is practicing and working as a young and upcoming Barista.