Preparing coffee for the discerning consumer

Coffee is produced by people, and most specifically women. We strive to give opportunities to those women, either within our company or with programs that target the schools around us and hence their children.

If you want to participate in any of our community programs please contact us by mail.

Support our School in Yirgachefe

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Education transforms people and this is the only thing that we believe can sustainably develop a society as we dream it.

We hope that you can help us sustain the Adame school as kids need better facilities, books, running water and uniforms.

Support our School in Sidamo

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The Sidamo Segera School hosts 1200 children in any one day, in facilities that are less than optimum. The school needs absolutely everything and above all classes that can encourage education and learning.

Beehive and Honey in Sheka

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Buy our Honey and Support Women become more independent. Sheka is a wild forest ecosystem protected by Unesco. The honey there is unique and so is unique the need to support the women that have no real means of earning alternative income. Every 100kgs of honey sold, we buy a beehive for a family.

Barista and Administration Training for girls in our store

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Every year we select some girls from our handpickers to train in cooking, administration or barista and coffee shop related work. If you are interested, please contact us, we can host you to train these girls to acquire barista skills.

We offer accommodation and daily expenses are covered. This is an excellent opportunity to live in Ethiopia and also do well whilst doing good.